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    Jian hong luojiang county grain and oil co., LTD was established2009Years,Located in hinterland of deyang city in sichuan province,Beautiful scenery here,Rich products,Pleasant climate,The transportation is convenient,Is the national famous high-quality rapeseed base in sichuan province。Jian hong luojiang county grain and oil co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the lai seed oil sales for the integration of private enterprises。The company pays great attention to by modern science and technology to transform traditional industries,Committed to the sale、Optimal、Te、New has a unique strong sichuan flavor of rapeseed oil,It is one of the country's food industry high quality oil。It enjoys a high status among consumers,Company with several retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation。Jian hong grain and oil distribution of all kinds of rapeseed oil,The variety is complete、The price is reasonable。
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